Welcome to Africa42

The educational and workforce planning model promoted by Guilds42 and E4Impact Foundation lands in Africa

Starting from this region we aim to involve every African territory, we can give life to a new corporation, which takes into account the local primary sector.


Innovation culture

Guilds 42 is the new Innovation Hub that follows the Renaissance model. It aims to bring together productive realities in search of human resources with young people who want to train and learn in the field.


Free and massive acess to education

By providing participants with free and massive access to Learning Paths, Africa42 aims to become an innovative network, thanks also to international partnerships.


Universities, Schools, Companies and Associations

Guilds42 has activated several projects with schools, universities and associations. Are you interested? contact us to evaluate the applicability to your district.


Guilds42 model

Guilds42 brings a disruptive approach to counseling in education and digital transformation, its mission is to bridge the gap between education and work and reduce social costs (unemployment, lack of skills, economic degradation).


Territorial base:

each element of the association must enhance the local elements

Strict quality control:
Clear processes and models to follow so that everyone conform to the same standards. This is done through a rigorous governance process, learning places,  laboratories, and centers for sharing experiences.

Enable people:

As well as being democratic, digital is inclusive. We want to develop the talent of each individual.

Enable organizations and create new ones: 

Forniamo capitale umano e coltiviamo l'esatto tipo dii talento di cui le aziende hanno bisogno.

Develop new skills:
It starts with digital, customer acquisition, online sales to give immediate results through Botteghe Pilot. We quickly and gradually introduce new skills such as Coding, 3DPrinting, IoT, AI, Blockchain.

Attracting talent:
People are the heart of any company. To do this, it is necessary to increase skills and encourage interaction between people with different skills

Coordinate / participate:
We promote local economic development initiatives involving local partners. Plan an activity for 2/3 years, avoiding excessive constraints.

Clear guidelines and protocols of engagement:
the initiatives promoted must have, such as that of having an evident or measurable return in terms of contribution to the economic growth of the territory.


We have created a real widespread and multidisciplinary ecosystem, which makes training, methodologies and projects accessible in different fields.

Do you think your Territory can benefit from this model?