Founder and Ceo

Alberto Giusti

One of the best known Business Angels in Italy. He founded and managed some internet companies in Italy, England and Switzerland and was involved in strategic consulting and training in the digital field. He is Director of the European Crowdfunding Center, he has published "E-commerce in China - How to sell made in Italy online", "Crowdfunding - From dreams to money", "Guide for managers in the digital age. The Digital Building Blocks method "and" Digital Tailor. Sartorial models for social and digital professionals ".


Founder and President

Andrea Alfieri

He lives 12 years in London working for prestigious companies such as Lastminutetour, TUI and Oracle. He returned to Italy in 2010 to found SQcuola di Blog, the first Italian Master in Social Media Marketing, Author of "The Digital Prince of Machiavelli Non Perdona" and "Digital tailor - Sartorial Models for Digital Professionals" Chief Digital Officer specialized in Digital Governance, GDPR Privacy and Learning Management, for years he has been dealing with Digital and Social Media as a consultant for various Italian companies.


Founder and Developer

Giovanni Basile

Software Developer with decades of experience in the expert with a proven history of work in the Internet industry. Pioneer of the Italian e-learning world with Guilds42 brings together excellence in innovative teaching methodologies and large-scale learning approaches of MOOC. He is the creator of the Expert in PHP, WordPress, Web Design, Java and HTML. Strong professional with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Salerno Studies


Founder and Chief Innovation

Matteo Pacini

Matteo Pacini is a father, entrepreneur, consultant and teacher who deals with innovation. Graduated in political economy (Bocconi) and in Chinese languages and culture (Sapienza), he lives 7 years in China working for a manufacturing multinational where he deals with lean six sigma and operational excellence, purchasing and supply chain and finally digital transformation. After the corporate experience, with his Sherpa42 (Guanxi group) he helps companies to achieve digital evolution day after day.

Matteo Lazzeri
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Giulia Sironi

She is young but has a multisectoral experience. Giulia graduated in biotechnology, studied design and digital communication, works in various startups as graphics and marketers.



Alessandro Matalone

Studying at Sapienza and later at the Luiss Business School in the Digital field, Alessandro's mission is to help small and medium-sized enterprises in the digital transformation.



Matteo Lazzeri

Strategy Advisor at Guanxi, from sentiment analysis, business to marketing strategy. Matteo is leading the strategic development of Guilds42.



Joiscenyo Boat Vicente

It starts with a question: What is Digital Marketing? He deals with digital Marketing and Automation



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Pietro Tibaldeschi

Expert of e-comerce, digital analytics and digital marketing & salese. For years he has specialized in the Goldsmith and Jewelery sector. He deals with innovative startups in the jewelry sector and related to the entire supply chain. He is the founder of Goldsmith42, the first Guild.






Luca Pissimiglia

Expert in the Beauty sector, well known for his work in He works alongside the companies in the sector who want to develop business from online activities; be they Start-Ups or established companies interested in further growth, especially in the international sphere. He is the founder of Beauty42.


logo Beauty42_def_S




Fabrizio Gallante

He defines himself as a "Company and Ecosystem Builder" and for those who have seen him work, no title could suit him better. He is a Consultant, Manager, Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor. Passionate about continuing education and labor policies, he is the founder of Forma42.


Forma42 logo



Maia Management

Stefania Montemurro

She left home when she was very young and became independent and founded her first company. Today she is founder of Maia Managment she believes in new technologies as a means to improve the world. she is the founder of Maia menagment.





Master of Arts

Diego del Lago

Founder - Digital Evolution for Recruiters and Vice President Apindustria Confimi Digital Enterprise Vicenza
E-Commerce & Shopify Expert



Master of Arts

Giovanni Fracasso

He deals with the supervision of ICT projects (digitalthink), supports the commercial part and I directly follow the internal marketing of the company.
he is councilor of the city of Arzignano for culture, events and digital innovation.



Master of Arts

Philip Dall'Igna

Marketing expert, he helps companies to measure data in order to make strategic decisions on Marketing, Sales and Organization. Great lover of the Eastern world (Japan) and of the Holistic vision of things.

Luca Raineri


Master of Arts

Luca Raineri

He coordinates the process from development to change management. Thanks to the integration know-how we are able to interact with different systems with different technologies Luca support both open source and proprietary technologies



Master of Arts

Claudio Grimoldi

Since he was a child he has been passionate about technology and sales. He goes an incredible journey from street vendor to consultant to social media marketer.

Stefania salvatore


Master of Arts

Stefania Salvatore

Last  year she was indicated by The milioner as one o fthe pionier of hospitality. She is the autor of countless book and content on turism and hospitality, speaker and expert of the subject, she has as a mission to distrupt the turism sector in Italy.




Alberto Briatico

He gains experience in the hospitality sector and now works as an ADV specialist




Nicolo  Barozzi

He holds a Master's degree in International Management and works in countries such as Spain, the Netherlands and Japan, and is now a Digital Analyst.




Annalisa Colasanto

Expert in Digital Marketing and in particular in SEO copywriting for Prestashop and Wordpress, blogging, social media management, customer care, Facebook Advertising, E-Mail Marketing.




Nicola Fabbian

To all intents and purposes one of the founders of Guilds42. He builds, assembles, dismantles a project from the first stone to the launch. He is no longer even surprised at how impossible it is to find something that he cannot do.



Master of Arts

Gianluca Toscano

He has a vertical experience in digital, works as an ADV specialist



Master of Arts

Anna Ventrella

Senior copywriter and writing lover. she is an expert in Blog, eCommerce, Landing Page, Social Storytelling, Seo and Copy.

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