We have developed a platform that allows you to create opportunities in the digital world, the last frontier of work.

We integrate offers for schools, universities, companies, startups
to combat skill mismatch and democratize the transition to digital.



How Guilds42 can help you?
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Where are our project?

In Italy:

  • Cuneo
  • Milano
  • Genova
  • Firenze
  • Roma
  • Napoli
  • Lecce
  • Catania

In the world:

  • Kenya
  • Algeria
  • Tunisia

Digital Recruiting

A new project power by Guilds42

A new way of recruiting, which through the use of dashboards, paths and talents nurseries reduces the Cost of hire, Time to hire and Time to efficiency.

black woman man buisness

Create new opportunity

Kenya42 is born

Guilds42 land in kenya, with the mission to form in the digital fields.

Are you a company?

You need to move in the digital world effectively and at low cost

Content marketing, E-commerce, ADV ... Thanks to the Guilds 42 PILOTs. Through an agile methodology you get the result you need in 42 days.


Stage and intership

Patnership with University

One of the problems that new graduates encounter when trying to enter the world of work is the lack of practical knowledge, of concrete design experiences. The Guilds42 model will therefore allow young recent graduates to be able to combine certified theoretical and practical skills on the work tools they will encounter in the company (CRM, ecommerce, sales processes ...)


Patnership with school

Guilds42 works alongside high schools to offer a new type of school-work alternation that can train for the professions of the present and the future. The path includes the acquisition of practical and theoretical skills through training internships on the model of PILOTs (projects with companies in smart working mode)


Guilds42 Accademy


We aggregate the best digital courses so that anyone can study and train for the professions of the future. Free for everyone and forever.






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